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 Our cat of Soulim-Marty Aragorn

08.10.2015 I closed a title of the Grande International champion (G.I.Ch.) also I opened a title the Champion of Europe (CACE)


 Welcome on the site of our cattery of Soulim-Marty.

Our cattery is engaged in cultivation of the biggest domestic cats of breed the Maine Coon.

The direction of breeding work in our cattery are cats of a color red Solid and red marble. Maine Coons of a red color are the largest representatives in the breed.

Our cattery is registered in WCF system, and his owner has the diploma of the felinologist.

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Our kittens live in Germany, Norway, Spain, France, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, China, the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

In our cattery, all kittens are officially registered in the WCF system. For each kitten, when moving it to a new home, a package of documents is made and a contract is necessarily concluded.

Kittens move to a new home not earlier than 3.5 months, having undergone two-time vaccination against viral diseases and rabies vaccination, fully vaccinated, tamed to the tray and claw. Reserving kittens is available at an earlier age of their development. To do this, you need to contact us and conclude a "reservation agreement".

The nursery is committed to provide advice on keeping, feeding and raising kittens purchased in our cattery.

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A graduate of our cattery Solim-Marty Arseniy, at 8 months, became the winner of the exhibition in Dubai, UAE 
Our cattery provides a delivery service, selected in our cattery kittens, to the agreed address. The cost of delivery is negotiated separately and depends on its urgency.

I as the owner of cattery, warmly I thank the new owners of the kittens born in our cattery and who surrounded with their love and care. Also I want to express them gratitude for photos of their favourites sent me. These photos can be watched in the section: "Galleries of our graduates".

If you had questions according to the maintenance of the animals acquired in our cattery use the Feedback form  and I will contact you soon.

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